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Father's Day

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That most difficult breed of man to gift. Needing nothing, all-deserving. And of course, as Father’s Day approaches, just about everything that comes to mind seems so passé.

If your -or your dad’s- taste runs to the timelessly chic, effortlessly stylish, minimally elegant, look no further! These updated, classically handsome spins on common, everyday essentials are sure to please even the most finicky of men.

Classic Kicks:

Summer’s finally here & these elegant, slim all white sneakers are the answer to dressy casual. The on-trend leather detailing adds subtle elegance- perfect for the man who can’t seem to ditch his wingtips. My all time favorite in men’s shoes has always been Allen Edmonds (currently $180 on sale from $225); while this similar offering from JCrew & New Balance ($85 + 40% off with code WEEKEND) looks just as good.

Splurge: Allen Edmonds   /   Look for Less: JCrew + NB
Le Olde Pen:

Yes, I know. Sooooo cliche. But while the traditional MontBlanc is the more staid, albeit luxurious choice; I’ve gone and sourced something a bit more unique & imaginative- and more affordable, too! Beautiful, collectible pieces suitable for any pen aficionado, these are excellent additions to their everyday carry.

Mechanical pen by Inventery: Slim, understated elegance at its finest. My personal favorite because of its rollerball point. $90
Damascus steel Glider pen by Tactile Turn: Check out the stunning geometric etching on both ends of this uniquely designed, arced bolt action click pen. $299
Prometheus Titanium Alpha Pen by Prometheus Lights: Beautiful ridge design; durable titanium body; flexibly accommodates MontBlanc Fineliner & Rollerball cartridges; this is truly the pen that has it all. $250

PensSplurge: Alpha Pen, Glider Pen   /   Look for Less: Mechanical Pen

TheBoxNY Gift Box:

No guide would be complete without mentioning my (completely unbiased) favorite, of course :). Watching dad untie & unbox his gift while guessing what’s inside; savoring the moment before the reveal; the triumphant knowledge of the perfection inside; all create memories that elevate the experience beyond the gift itself.

Go with an upscale, luxe mini gift box ($48 + free shipping) containing a manly scented candle, or for a full-on wow moment with the stunning mini tower shave set. ($220 + free shipping)

Splurge: Mini Gift Tower   /   Look for Less: Mini Gift Box

Solingen, Solingen, Solingen:

What is it with men & their specialty tools? If you have yourself a quality snob, a Solingen is a MUST. There is no match to their sharpness or precision, but authentic Solingen tools are not the easiest to come by in the U.S. Linked here are the top two on my gifting list:

MERKUR Futur double edged razor: probably the sharpest, closest shave in the world! A word of caution; the blade is extremely sharp, so handle with care. For the experienced at wet-shave, this will create the smoothest jawline. (From $62.50)
Aspinal of London manicure set: I never thought I would use the word “breathtaking” to describe a manicure set, but this offering from Aspinal of London is just that. If he never thought he needed a set, he’ll agree to one now. ($110)

Solingen toolsSplurge: manicure set    /    Look for Less: razor

Let me know- what do you prefer; gifting, or being gifted? And what are you getting for Father’s Day?

Until next time!


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