Men: A Guide to Gifting

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Once upon a time, there was a man who was easy to gift. 

Just kidding. Obviously. Because that's not a thing.  

Whenever people ask "What do I gift men?" I always advise: "Walk through his day and see which items the man in your life uses all the time". Does he shave? Use a face towel or washcloth? Moisturize? Exercise? Generally gravitate toward things that have a nice scent? 

Working off that, it's relatively easy to then source products he already loves - ensuring he’ll actually be excited about receiving & using it. Look for everyday items elevated by gorgeous detail & presentation, and you’ve got your gift!

Morning routine guy? Think sleek electric toothbrush in navy or tungsten metallic finish (amazon has a gorgeous Phillips- my husband has one, of course ;) ). Monogrammed face towels, hand-poured organic soaps, upscale shave bars & beard oils, marble or wood vessels for the vanity… those are all immediate ideas that come to mind. Take a leaf out of our book & package them all together for a gorgeous curated look.

gift guide 1

For your buff man, think: personalized leather gym tote, large linen beach towel (stylishly masculine & tidily folds up into the tiniest roll), great scented body soap or aftershave. Get any or all - but of course, if you present them altogether inside the tote bag, your gift has been elevated from mere product to an entire experience!

Lots of jobs have switched to remote, and so many could use upscale office ware for their new home offices. For the professional; men’s leather envelope clutch for important papers, gold edged agate or onyx block as a paperweight, concrete pen holder, stylish desk lamp. For those still commuting, luxe car diffuser. For the stay-at-homes, masculine scented candle or a set of noise cancelling AirPods to aid concentration.

For the entertainers; shakers, flasks, a new drinks bar, and luxe, special edition games. I’m always drooling over black on black playing cards, with gold & black foil detail…and marble chess boards, and acrylic backgammon sets.

For the cozy guy; herringbone throw, soft lounge socks, cashmere slippers, Abercrombie shearling hoodie. 

Lots of times the best gift ideas are the ones sitting right in front of you! 

mens gift guide

Whether you’re looking to find & package your gifts yourself or let us do the work; the same principles apply. I always use these guidelines when developing any gift, & followed them when I was creating our men’s line. I know the struggle of buying gifts for men, and yes, they all have socks and tie clips and wallets and ties and picture frames and mouse pads. Instead of going that same, well trodden route, I added products that most men might have as a basic- but elevate it.

The average man will, at most, have the shaving cream, deodorant and soap that he's used since he was 16 and wanted to feel "like a man". Men rarely give any regard to scent or packaging or anything fluffy like that. If it works and works well, where do I swipe my card? 

But once men start inserting women into their lives, well… let's just say we might want to start focusing on that.  

Most men use shaving cream, for example; I added a shaving bar & badger hair brush to make any man's experience feel luxurious. Our beard oil comes in a small enough bottle so that when he travels he can pop it into his bag and not think twice about it, and yet it still looks expensive, so that if he's away from home- he still feels taken care of. We have a gorgeous car diffuser which not only makes the inside of any car feel like the insides of a Rolls Royce, but adds a sophisticated scent. 

I've also curated everything in this collection to have a subtle and yet distinctively masculine scent; attractive to both men and women. 

But besides for the classic needs of men, just like any woman would like an opulent experience, so too, a man. I've created a line that would greatly enhance any man's sensory experience, whether it be in his car, bedroom or bathroom. 

Gifting men is the bane of many people's existence- but it doesn't have to be! Here at TheBoxNY we make sure everyone is taken care of. 

I hope this gives you some ideas to gift that man in your life, if you're stuck!

Happy Gifting!


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